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Unfortunately, she has a child with my elder brother who is a police officer but they separated and he married another woman.

He does not know about us yet and I am afraid of informing him about this.

What if he realised that you are together and thinks that you were having an affair even when they were dating? ALSO READ: Six signs that he is the one Mike, for the sake of your entire family, quit this relationship for good. What if you go ahead with your plans then along the way you realise the woman has a problem and that is why your brother left her.

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Talk to your brother and hear what he has to say about the issue. ALSO READ: What you should know before dating a girl who has been emotionally abused Mike, do you know why your brother left this woman?

I want to trust that nothing happens during those moments they are together but it is hard to.

How do I cope with a man who has different baby mamas without causing any drama?

These are all things that any girl who wants to be in a serious relationship with him will have to know, and then ask herself: is he worth it?

I don’t have any children at the moment and I truly love this man.

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