Avoid the 10 most dangerous dating mistakes men make

So always make sure you only talk about positive fun things when you are with a woman.

Take her on an adventure and allow her to forget about her mundane troublesome life.

Most men tend to talk about a lot of negative things when they first meet a woman; he talks about his ex girlfriend, his break up, how he is struggling at work, how crappy the weather is etc.

Sitting there talking about yourself and how great you are does very little to stimulate interest or attraction in a woman.

When a woman sees that you are obsessed with yourself and always talking about your possessions and accomplishments, she’s going to think you are a selfish self centered loser.

What a woman wants is a man who cares about her and wants to connect with her and learn about her hopes and dreams.

If she sees that you are too available and contacting her all the time she will think you are desperate and weird; she will stop feeling attraction for you and start avoiding you.

Always keep your contact with her brief and casual.

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