Automatic updating security computer windows

Windows will ask you to download the updates instead of automatically downloading the updates. The group policy editor update is as like as the previous updating process of Windows operating systems.

This is one of the easiest ways to stop Windows from automatically updating. After that, you will find a new page, find the Windows update service from the service list and open it. There will be an option named “startup type” under the general tab. It will notify you when a new update is available instead of automatically downloading the updates. Windows home policy editor is only available for Windows pro, education, and enterprise version users.

If you are a Windows 10 operating system user, then you may know that Microsoft makes it compulsory to update their Windows 10 computer.

You will need to download the update every time Windows release an update.

The updates will come to keep your device up to date with latest improvements and security patches.

Besides, the updates will keep your computer safe from high-end security threats like Wanna Cry and other threats.

There is an option to delay the update in Windows 10 pro versions but there are very few options to do so when you are a Windows 10 home version user.

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However, you can solve it by setting up Active hours.

You can turn off Windows Automatic Update completely, or allow it to download the Microsoft update patches so you can choose when you want to install them, or only be notified when updates are available.

Caution: Turning off Automatic Update prevents all Microsoft security updates from downloading and installing. Microsoft highly recommends that you leave Automatic Update turned on.

Here is the step by step guide to set a network as metered connection: Step-1: Go to Windows settings application of your Windows 10 PC and open the network and internet section. Windows will not update from this connection anymore.

Step-2: Go to the Wifi option from the network and internet tab. Step-3: In the Wi-Fi tab, you will find the network you are connected as well as other connections. Step-4: In the next page, scroll down and you will find set as metered connection. If you are on a wired Ethernet network you can also do it from the Ethernet network page. You can easily re-enable Windows update you can simply repeat the process and turn the startup type on.

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