Autistic dating online

For several years, Cantu herself has tried to befriend someone with whom she can be herself.Her non-autistic friends fail to understand how certain actions could be disconcerting for her.However, dating sites like Spectrum Singles can help them make their dating experience much more enjoyable.Those interested in becoming a member of Spectrum Singles have to first register themselves on the website.Not everyone with ASD same issues; some may suffer from social anxiety while others may have a problem with physical affection.Nineteen-year-old Cantu and her 37-year-old mother, Kirsten Fitzpatrick, started the website with the aim to fill the gap left by other dating sites.

To her dismay, she found these sites to be either biased or inadequate.

A big smile or a hug, holding hands or flirting these seemingly harmless gestures, can be extremely unnerving for them.

Their medical condition makes it difficult for them to relate to others without the disorder and vice versa.

Cantu said most of the dating sites for autistic individuals do not try to understand the personality of its member, which is crucial to find a friend or partner.

Being autistic themselves, Cantu and Fitzpatrick understand the ordeal of social interactions, particularly with non-autistic people.

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