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Raj: na velito ne puku pedala pai rastuna abbba ente anta vedi ga vundi lanja.

Madhu: ammmaaa pettu ra inka lopaliki pettu abbaaa lanja kodakaaaaaa.

Raj: abba ipudu inko velu pedutunane, na two fingers petta puku lo.

Raj: oka sariga api na noti ni, puku meda petti kasiga korikane lanja.

As I stroked her breast, slowly sucked and pulled into her mouth.'I usually sleep with my mom thrice a week. I wanted to be really gentle coz this is her 1st time ever. She responded positively, began to return kisses with eager.

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Madhu: issssssshhhhh ammmaaa, pisuku raaa, inka pisuku. Madhu: abbbaa nuvvuala antunte inka kasiga undi ra. Raj: water ne puku lo nunchi karutunte bale sexy ga vunde ne puku lanja. Madhu: hmm pettu ra na body motham nide anuvanuvu anubavinchu. She was around 39 yrs old when this happened and very gorgeous. Ok, so first when I was about the age of 19 an afternoon spending at my nans was the kinda you know where every family member comes over you eat, talk, leave well when my aunty showed up she came in... She had a hot & sexy figure with massive breasts, tight round ass, and a beautiful face...

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