Asperger men dating

He is extremely sensitive to change, to sudden unexpected light or noise, he used to physically jump when I touched him unexpectedly.He’s very all or nothing with his work and hobbies. He is incredibly rational and opinionated, it’s his way or the highway most of the time.So for a long time I assumed our relationship problems probably stemmed from the consequences of this.But I know there is more to it, he is very high functioning but I am convinced that he has ASD.The host, science, psychology people gathered a handful of varying form of high functioning autistic people and we'd meet for about 1 hour a week.We'd socialize, they'd try to teach us how to cope with our autism and how to interact in a more socially acceptable manner, and we'd play games.

Met a dude who I still play minecraft with to this day. Thus is about a girl on there I met, let's call her Amber.

Rows have cropped up so suddenly and inexplicably and when they do it’s like we live on different planets.

He had a turbulent childhood with his parents followed by his mother dying in his late teens which he takes responsibility for.

My family didn't know what was wrong, but was certain something wasn't quite right early on.

A doctor thought I was ADHD as early as three and wanted to medicate me. "Of course he's got no attention and is hyper active, he's three!

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