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The planned conference also had been threatened re¬ peatedly by what organizers call “ultra-right-wing, paramil¬ itary Catholic groups.” The city was plastered with graffi¬ ti and posters urging that gays be murdered.

More restrained Catholic- identified associations marched through the streets with images of Jesus and the Virgin Mary, praying that Guadalajara not become the next Sodom. We have mastered the very energy that once enslaved us.

ILGA’s annual conference was canceled after Guadala¬ jara Mayor Gabriel Covarru- bias Ibarra, Zapopan County Mayor Nicolas Orosco and Jalisco Gov.

Guillermo Cosio Vidaurri promised to with¬ hold police protection for the event, arrest all the delegates for “immoral behavior,” and close down any hotel that conducted business with the organization.

We re-leam joy and become the artful, passionate, playful lovers we always dreamed of being.

MM MW MW MM Mi MM MM MW MM MM MM MW Mi MM MM MB ■■ MM ■■ ■■ MU MM MM MM MM MM MM MM M| Lt-arn about the techniques Yes, I want to learn about the Dream Lodge techniques of sexual re-discovery.

The Dream Lodge is an experience that dissolves prejudices and frees us to once again celebrate that pure instinctual energy we all possess.

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Please send inc your complimentary | illustrated brochure.

Only LIFE staff member Keith Johnson sat calmly — he had just served a subpoena on Lou Sheldon. (415) 626 2729 FREE CONSULTATION DENTIST Richard A. The association will also be marching for the first time in the Gay Freedom Day Parade.

Johnson said that Attorney John Duran had called the office asking if they knew of anyone who could serve a subpoena on Sheldon. (Photo: Rick Gerharter) Scaled-Down Gay Conference Rescheduled in Acapulco by Rex Wockner With the help of the Mexi¬ can government and the gay newsmagazine the Advocate, the International Lesbian and Gay Association’s aborted 13th World Conference has been partially “rescued.” About 40 of the original 300 delegates are expected to gather in Acapulco June 30- July 6 at a conference hall provided free-of-charge by the federal and Guerrero state governments, which said they were embarrassed by the events that led to the confer¬ ence’s cancellation in Guadalajara.

” An indignant Vascon¬ cellos paused long enough to peer over his glasses and say, “Why?

I’m not changing my procedures for anyone or any¬ thing, including this bill.

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