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Up until then, it was easy to feel like our marriage was "real," but when we had to schedule sex, it was like, what are we doing? In some ways, that was the most physical time of our marriage.

We ended up falling asleep in the same bed more often than not (we have separate bedrooms), and we were pretty touchy-feely. (Here are 7 ways to prevent lower back pain.) And now?

I wish I'd known you can still find love and companionship on your own terms.

My family was really open about everything, and my parents had a couple of gay and lesbian friends who would come over. But when I tried to think of a girl or woman I had a crush on, I came up blank as well. I went to an all-women's college, and there, I again wondered if I might be attracted to women.

Realizing that it was OK to not want a relationship was so incredibly freeing.

So I began following my passions, including signing up for a 50-mile bike race and pursuing choral music. And after that, it was just understood that we were together.

But does a person who never eats pizza have a less-great life? If they've tried it and decide for themselves they don't like it, what's the harm?

MORE: 7 Reasons You're Tired All The Time We did have sex when we decided to conceive our baby.

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