Article on dating violence

As many as 65 percent of those studied in the late 1980s and 1990s indicated that their relationships had included instances of unwanted aggressive physical contact.

Other studies have yielded a prevalence of relationship violence at around 10 per cent.

Stalking is defined as the obsessive tracking and following of one person by another.

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The tendency toward violence in dating relationships frequently originates in how one or both partners in a relationship view aggressive physical contact and threats as suitable behavior in the relationship.

Dating violence is the use of threats and physical attacks by one partner in a courtship against the other.

Dating violence may be used by men against women or by women against men.

Dating violence also occurs in homosexual relationships.

The prevalence of dating violence relates to a number of variables, which clinicians and counselors have studied in their efforts effectively alleviate it and its effects on victims.

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