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Now, adultery has been re-branded as extramarital sexual contact, and it includes genital, oral and anal acts.As such, it must reflect professionalism and cannot engender any favoritism or abuses of position.While marriage is not specifically prohibited, the marriage of two soldiers of different ranks can constitute fraternization if the soldiers’ duties are evidenced to be compromised by the union.But that process couldn’t start until a convening authority approved the sentence, and that wouldn’t happen until the court reporter completed a full transcript of the trial. An airman's 2014 conviction of rape and assault and battery was overturned Monday after an appeals court ruled an embattled general's decision to move forward on the case represented "unlawful command influence." In May 2017, the Armed Forces Court of Appeals overturned the 2015 rape conviction of Airman Rodney Boyce.The hope is that speeding up the process to end a trial will also speed up the appeals process, possibly cutting down the time the accused spends in confinement, waiting on an appeal.

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