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The Elgin National Watch Company went out of business in 1964.

They never made any battery-powered, quartz watches.

This makes Elgin one of the most commonly collected vintage watches since there are still so many examples available at reasonable prices. Their success can be attributed to their huge production of low to mid-grade watches... Together with the Waltham Watch Company, they dominated the huge market for mid-grade watches, producing over one-million per year during their peak years of production.

The Elgin National Watch Company was founded in 1864 in Elgin, Illinois as the National Watch Company, and some of the organizers were later to become the some of the biggest names in the American watch industry: J. Elgin watches remain extremely popular with collectors today because they are plentiful, can be obtained at reasonable prices, and can be relatively easily repaired due to the large number of watches and parts available. Throughout their history, the Elgin National Watch Company was known for horological innovations.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the repair of your Elgin watch.

Discovering the various values of an antique Elgin pocket watch is not always an easy thing to achieve.

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These movements featured bi-directional, full-rotor winding, and had two automatic winding gear ratios, which were automatically engaged as the mainspring tension increased.

During the last few years that Elgin was in business (late 50's through mid-60's), they began to reduce their US production and began importing Swiss watch movements which were finished and labeled as Elgin watches.

Much of this assembly work was done at a new Elgin plant in Elgin, South Carolina. Co) was a major manufacture in the city of Elgin, Illinois.

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