Angelique dating game game simulation video

Recently, there has been a rising trend of women actively playing this kind of games.

There are companies creating romance games with female lead characters catering to female gamers.

Many are made by departments or subsidiaries of bishoujo game companies; for example, Games which feature female-female romance.

Unlike the other genres on this page, the term "yuri" does not imply a particular target audience; games aimed at a male audience and games aimed at a female audience are both included under the "yuri" label.

Although the genre originates in Japan, they are also made elsewhere, particularly in the form of "doujin-soft" (noncommerical fanmade games).

games are Visual Novels (a type of Interactive Fiction) or Dating Sims (a type of Simulation Game), although many are hybrids, such as Role-Playing Game / Dating Sim or Action Game / Visual Novel.

After years of targeting the male demographic, video game companies are diversifying their market by understanding the female perception of dating.

Romance games are life simulation games where the players play as one of the characters and try to pursue a romantic relationship.To create an otome game, the designers or coders need not be only female.Due to the immense popularity these games have been attaining, it is evident that many video game companies with more male employees are also releasing interesting otome games.There are many businesswomen who banked on this niche market by creating some of the coolest games targeting women.One of the earliest video games that broke the tradition is Angelique (アンジェリーク) by the Japanese company Koei, which has been regarded as one of the earliest pioneers of otome gaming.

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