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Sensing a divine call to share the divine Gospel of Jesus Christ, Brother Eliseo broached evangelizing through radio and television in the 1980s.Faith in God, courage and perseverance were among the guiding forces which led him in approaching the Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation (IBC) Channel 13, and other radio stations in the country.During the worship service, Eliseo heard Nicolas Antiporda Perez preach about the true Church of God in the Bible. Nicolas Perez’s preaching opened an interest in young Eli’s mind to read the Bible. In less than a month, Eliseo approached Presiding Minister Perez and requested to be baptized.

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Clearly, the aging Perez was grooming his young protégé for a future responsibility.Out of eight siblings, he is seventh to the eldest. He disliked mingling with other people, save for his family.Because of his shyness, he entered school at a later age.He requested for available block time slots to air “Ang Dating Daan.” The program showcased Brother Eli’s wisdom and eloquence in answering questions about the Holy Scriptures.With that, his rally against false and pretentious pastors and preachers came about.

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