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A second problem with this line of thinking is the assumption that Facebook is leading to an increase in divorce rather than simply being a means by which infidelity (and subsequent divorce, once you’re caught) can occur.

Cheating has been around forever, whether it was sneaking out the back door of the castle, sending illicit love letters, talking secretly on the phone, or more recently, emailing or sexting with your partner in crime.

Participants (N = 320) were asked a series of questions evaluating both how ‘acceptable’ and ‘forgivable’ was a vignette character’s infidelity.

Men and women with prior experience cheating found the cheating vignette character of their same gender significantly more acceptable and forgivable than the unfaithful character of the other gender.

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Recently, “a new study” showing that facebook is increasingly given as a reason for divorce has been making its way around the internet.

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There are “50 ways to leave your lover” and Facebook might simply be avenue #51, and next year someone will invent a new way to cheat.

Aside from these two large caveats, I do think that there is something new and interesting about Facebook as a means for infidelity, which is consistent with interdependence theory so understanding why someone may or may not be committed to their partner will shed light on the role of Facebook.

Participants who reported no history of infidelity found infidelity as generally unacceptable, regardless of character gender.

Infidelity is a major factor in causing marital dissolution and dissatisfaction in North America.

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