An error occurred while updating the configuration

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I wanted to update it properly before I started using it.

I have followed the guides in here point by point, but all I get when I am trying to connect with the Air Port Admin Utility is the error in the topic: "An error occurred while updating configuration". First I thought it was the Snow, then the Graphite and now I don't know.

The root issue in my case was a file conflict in the .settings folder.

So, deleting the .settings folder would have resolved the Maven error, but I wanted to keep some of my local configuration files.

I finally got a stack trace of the problem by importing the ear project again to eclipse, and was able to trace this down to the org.eclipse.m2In the end I just made hidden files visible in windows explorer and deleted the temporary file manually, which solved the problem.In my case, the problem was a conflict of derived dependencies that were been used by other dependencies, and some of those derived dependencies versions were not available, maybe because some deploy that i forgot to do because with workspace resolution everything worked, but when moving to other environment all broke suddenly.I recieved an Apple Airport Base Station in the mail today.I got it second hand, and I performed a hard-reset since I didn't have the password and stuff.

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