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Zuniga made a fabulous comeback, playing the stony faced and bitchy mother of Brooke Davis; Victoria Davis on the last five seasons of ‘One Tree Hill’ and since then, has kept busy with roles in small films. Michael Mancini for the entirety of the show’s successful run.Calabro’s character began the show as a loving and monogamous husband but after years of increasing misbehavior, the character ended the show as a notorious on-screen womanizer.She also appeared in the second season of Everwood, and more recently landed herself a recurring role on Quantico as President Claire Haas.In the late eighties and early nineties Mr Jack Wagner was a regular face on daytime TV. Peter Burns on Melrose Place, Wagner had recurring roles on two other popular American soaps.

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After an off-and-on decade together, Miley and Liam had a quickie wedding in December after the dramatic loss of their home in the California wildfire.Female viewers will most definitely remember Andrew Shue for his role as the studly Billy Campbell.Some readers will be surprised to hear that Shue had an impressive side job; for the duration of his time on the show he also played professional soccer.Prior to gaining his career-defining role on the Fox drama, his most notable role was on the short-lived TV series ‘Drama Street.’ Calabro returned to the Melrose set in 2009 to revive his original character, despite his return the show met an untimely end and was canceled after less than a year on the air.After the years Calabro has racked up multiple acting credits, his most recent roles include appearances in episodes of Castle, NCIS, and Glee and the films Locker 13, The Barber, and The Man in 3B.

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