All of the playlists selected for updating

Everything syncs perfectly now AND it seems to do it over my wifi connect, not my cellular data connection. Just have to remember not to update any apps or music while I'm away from wifi to avoid extra charges. I tried turning i Cloud Music Library off/on as I read that in a different forum that may help, but all that did was delete my music and now nothing is coming back onto my i Phone. I've deleted many songs from a playlist on my Mac, and they aren't updating on the phone.Ever since High Sierra and i OS 11, I have had nothing but problems with Apple Music in general.I can confirm that this shortened fix works 🙂Dam thing stopped syncing again!!!!! But I’m very disappointed that the Apple person marked the issue as solved without waiting to hear from the person who posted.But only with my i Phone 7 plus (my i Pod Touch and i Pad are still working). I am very much team Apple, but I'm saddened to say i OS 11 is a complete crock of sh*t. I short fix was to simply turn on "use cellular data" in both the i Tunes and app stores" and "music" settings, while also leaving my wifi connection turned on. Often times on my i Phone X, i'll try to add a new album or song to a playlist, and it never takes, regardless of how many times I do it.

Another negative to all of this is that if this does in fact turn out to only be a temporary fix, I would be wiping and redownloading my multiple thousand song music library pretty regularly.

It keeps creating a new name for one like this: Playlist A, then it creates Playlist A 1 and Playlist A 2Why?

However, if I make a change on my i Phone it will sync with the Mac Book.

When I switched i Cloud Music Library on, I chose to delete any existing content. I have had the problem since i OS 11 released, on both an i Phone 7 Plus, and now currently my i Phone X.

I wasn't told to, I just thought this would be the simplest option, rather than it performing a complicated merge.5. Both have had full restores from backup, as well as a fresh "set up as new phone".

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