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For further reading refer Apache Wicket Web Development Category posts.

Home Page; /** * @author Niranjan Velagapudi * */ public class Test Home Page If Deployment is successful, you should be able to view the Home Page as below; Access url – Web App Change the Language drop down to French and you will notice label changed in French.

Additional configuration is only needed if you want to change the default behaviour.

In the source code's package directory, first add the shall appear.

If you have a form component in wicket with some components and you want to change using ajax some things in that form before submit (when you click or edit on one of the components), then you have to use Ajax Form Component Updating Behavior.

This is a behavior that updates the hosting Form Component via ajax when an event it is attached to is triggered.

In this article, we will introduce the basics by building the You may want to check out the latest version of Wicket in the Maven Central repository, which at the time of your reading may not coincide with the one used here.

Simple components like Check Box, Text Field, Drop Down Choice are all Form Components.

Create Test Home Page class under src/test/java package as below; /** * */ package page; import org.apache.tester.

Abstract Read Only Model; import org.apache.wicket.model. Compound Property Model; import org.apache.wicket.model. IModel; public class Home Form extends Form Unit testing with JUnit Framework Important feature comes with Apache Wicket framework is ability to unit test Markup (html view) via JUnits.

It consists of a page with two elements: a dropdown menu and a label.

When the dropdown selection changes, the label (and only the label) will be updated.

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