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Instead, you can download the app and get access to everything you're looking for. This app includes all of the positions found within the Kama Sutra with some extra options for you.

You can choose to look for potiions based on intimacy, complexity, and strength, using slider scales to find positions that you are capable of completing.

is one of a great many sexy dice apps you can find on i Tunes. What the app does is randomly choose an action and a body part upon which to perform that action. Each position is classified according to location and/or technique, and it gives pretty detailed explanations.

You’ve probably seen similar sex dice in novelty stores, and this app gives you even more options than what you’d find on a pair of dice. In addition to the guide, this app supports a random function where you can let it pick a position for you. , you get a neat little sex quiz that covers a wide variety of topics.

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While the App Store isn't overflowing with adult content, there are a fair few apps you can find, so long as you know what you are looking for.

The Kama Sutra is well known for it's catalog of sexual positions, but you don't need to worry about anyone stumbling on this book in your library.

The idea behind it is not only to impress someone with your knowledge, but also get a chance to perhaps learn something new.

It contains over 500 different questions, so it’ll keep you entertained for quite a while. As of this writing, the price is only 99 cents, but it does say on i Tunes that this is a special sale price.

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