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In those rare cases where you need to communicate an OOC message to an entire room you should place parentheses ( ) around your words so that people know they are not being expressed by your character.There is a specific OOC room that is set up for these interactions.Descriptions of the environment can be found by hovering over the room name in the list.At the same time, any unoccupied space can be used for any location that is required by your story, and rooms such as “The Multiverse” and “Hellifyno” are set up to act as blank canvases that can become any place that you need.Excessive use of Out Of Character comments in any other room where role playing is taking place is against the rules, and can result in administrative action.There are two basic ways that your character can interact with others in a chat room.

Actions: In a roleplaying chat room, action is generally indicated by saying exactly what your character is doing, and then placing those words inside of opening and closing action marks.

This is called staying In Character (IC) and it is vital for maintaining the integrity of the stories being told.

If you absolutely have to say something Out Of Character (OOC) then you should try to do so in private messages to the specific person.

The important thing to remember is that when you enter a room, you are the character.

Any actions that you take, and any words that you type, should be done as if you were actually the person you are roleplaying as.

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