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The number of paranormal romances published each and every year involving werewolves is staggering!

Whether you are looking for a place to start on your werewolf romance books reading journey or are a die-hard fan of furry shifter heroes and heroines, here are my suggestions for the best of the best werewolf romance novels.“All wilderness guide Keil Lynus wanted was a nice quiet retreat before challenging for the Alpha position of his Alaskan pack.

But you know the saying about a werewolf walking into a bar…”“Five seconds earlier, Mason Dillinger would have sworn it could never happen…That a woman who was his perfect match even existed. Yet just the scent of sweet, mortal Torrance Watson ignited a driving, explosive need to claim her that he knew his pack would never sanction.”“Finally free of her suffocating marriage, widow Daisy Ellis Craigmore is ready to embrace the pleasures of life that have long been denied her. A string of unexplained murders has brought danger to Daisy’s door, forcing her to turn to the most unlikely of saviors…”For disgraced physician Kim Sharpe, Fire Creek was supposed to be a sanctuary, a place to hide from media scrutiny and the public eye.

But when a group of wolf shifters break into her clinic and demand she save the life of a packmate, her serene world unravels.

If only she didn’t find Lex—his body, his scent, even his domineering nature—so intoxicating.”“Mac can’t resist pushing Aimee’s buttons.

She’s always been incredibly sexy, and the wolf in him craves a female with fire in her belly.

Jaycee may have defended Dimitri from taunts before, but they now face a more lethal danger—one that threatens not only the future of their people, but also their love.”“Moving with his pack to the tiny town of Stanley, Idaho has Owen Courtney a little on edge.

With literally no women in sight, Owen will be lucky to find a date, let alone his true mate.

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One of the most important things that I learnt from my chat with Alain is that no matter what happens in life, it is important to keep going, and keep creating. I’m just kind of floating around, I’m not really sure where I will end up. I don’t like to make plans too heavily, I just like to float around.His manager said, ‘You can’t marry because all your fans are girls, all of your songs were about girls’. I need to find what the rest of my life is, I want it to be very creative and I want to make more music, maybe produce stuff. It’s over 100 minutes of music on the CD version; the digital download for the video game, its 6 hours of music. I saw a behind the scenes video of you online working on it, it looks like it was so much fun. They geomapped Bolivia so perfectly, it’s like you’re walking through it.He didn’t show up; my grandmother said, ‘That’s it, he’s dead to us! It was just improvising and flowing, reacting to the mood of the environment then using that as the score, it was really open.Alain’s life has been a roller coaster ride of creativity, love, loss, and more creativity.He is a multi-instrumentalist, solo artist, has had many bands including, Walk The Moon & Eleven – with his beloved wife Natasha – and What Is This?

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