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The following resources are helpful to schools of nursing looking to accommodate students with disabilities. (2014) White Paper on Inclusion of Students with Disabilities in Nursing Educational Programs.Please send additional resources for posting to [email protected]@ Sacramento, CA: California Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities (CCEPD).Charter schools, meanwhile, may find it especially difficult to recruit special education teachers, especially if they only wish to employ them part time.Still, charter schools ought to enroll more students with disabilities, for several reasons: Charter schools are public schools, required and expected to serve all families who seek them out.Charter schools are expanding their reliance on scripted instruction, which is less viable for students with disabilities, who benefit from more student-centered approaches.The expansion of networks of college-prep-oriented charter schools, which do not aim to serve a broad population of students, may also indicate to parents that charter schools are not the right choice for their disabled children.After all, nearly everyone at some time will require special attention or supports due to disabilities, illness, or emotional duress.Disability is not an issue that should separate us.

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By serving more diverse populations, charter schools would enrich the experience of all their students, exposing them to the diverse range of people in our communities and thus better preparing them for both work and citizenship.ODEP and NOND hereby form an Alliance to conduct outreach, education and technical assistance activities that promote the recruitment, hiring, retention and advancement of individuals with disabilities, including veterans with disabilities, in the healthcare sector. Admission, Academic Progression, and Graduation Drexel University College of Nursing and Health Professions Nursing School Admission University of Miami School of Nursing and Health Sciences Dupler, A. The presence of special education teachers can help balance and complement the teacher corps.Furthermore, practices developed for special education students over the years have proven helpful for nondisabled students as well.

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