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We decided to get married and on May 05,2013 we were married in Bangkok. Now my life is happy and I hope everyone finds there true love. We would like to express our gratitude for the service of your website and would like to ask to remove Jum's profile from your website (BRC 34955).

We are very happy and soon I will be moving to Alaska with my husband and daughter. Feel free to quote us, we think that the service you provide with your website was just adequate and we feel lucky about the opportunity this gave us.

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I personally interview all our ladies and many of them visit our office on a regular basis so I get to know their dreams and desires for the future in detail (its a woman thing).

Enclosed a picture of us two - taken this weekend in Singapore.

We had a beautiful wedding ceremony in Thailand in May 2008. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello Bird, Just to let you know I have found someone I love very much using your website and we intend to marry in december. Now I live in other style and culture, we will not miss to recommend you to any people interested by you service. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am sending this e-mail to you because I would like to tell you that I found someone special that I like very much already.I am asking you to please remove my picture and file from your web site.

Anna had the desk opposite Justin and they would often share a coffee break at the same time.

Have you ever heard that single Russian girls are the most beautiful of all? Russian brides are family-oriented and really want you to be happy.

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