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The replacement 12 volt LED lamps will use as much, as 10 times less power, since they don’t waste it on heat like traditional incandescent type bulbs.This easy upgrade can dramatically increase your battery life off grid and reduce that annoying converter fan noise when on full hookup power.A new high quality RV mattress was a little pricey for us having just bought the new RV so a good solution was a couple inch memory foam topper. RV plumbing is a little different than that found in typical sticks and bricks homes and one drawback is reduced water pressure.This can lead to a less than adequate shower experience, especially with the cheap run of the mill RV stock shower heads.On top of that line, there is a hot water line that feeds your pipes.If there is a middle pipe that connects these two lines, congratulations, you have just located the RV’s bypass valve.

The inverter can be installed very simply to run a single AC outlet like I have done in my rig or you can wire into the RVs main electrical system using a transfer switch so you have power to all the rigs AC sockets.

These upgrades will improve the comfort, usability off grid and add extra protection to that new or “new to you” RV.

Most new RVs come with a single 12 volt deep cycle battery to power the electrical when not hooked up to shore power.

It doesn’t take many lights on to start using a significant amount of power from the batteries.

An upgrade to LED type bulbs can really help out with this problem.

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