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According to Very Well Family, Victims of cyber-bullying are controlled by the following feelings: It is so unfortunate to think that words alone could have an effect as big as suicidal thoughts on someone, but it is true.

What are the worst known cases of prejudice on Twitch?

But, to what extent, can these awful feelings control the lives of their holders?

However, in recent years, Twitch has been facing a growing issue known as “discriminatory harassment.” Due to the presence of a non-negligible percentage of minors using the platform, it is worthwhile to observe just in nature, is actually being bred.

This article will explore not only the magnitude of Twitch’s problem with discriminatory harassment, but it will also seek to define some of the worst types of discriminatory harassment as well as some underlying reasons why Twitch users seem to “default” to this kind of inappropriate mistreatment of others. Rules of the chat Twitch users, due to their lack of common sense and not having to face legitimate consequences for their online actions, have become desensitized to the feelings of remorse that come with committing discriminatory harassment; and they are more likely to commit discriminatory harassment as a result.

Though there are past e Sports events infamous for having discriminatory Twitch chats, they will not be named directly.

Instead, here are a couple of brief descriptions of how Twitch chat reacted to one of these recent events.

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