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Although it doesn’t get disconnected too often, overnight torrent downloads are always at a risk of getting disconnected. Though you might want to get your own arrangement for Wi-Fi if you are planning to use it during the exam days, when the library tends to be full.

Library: Has the strongest connectivity in the entire campus if the library is empty-ish. Kamath Circle: A few routers were set up in the last two semesters, however, the signal is good only near the circle.

Of course, there are rare server downtimes, but an issue with the speed can merely be solved by going and sitting in the corridors if your room is unlucky to be placed far away from the router.

3rd – 4th Blocks: Good speed in the rooms near the reception.

The first few rows of the classrooms do get connected quite easily.

It is strongest in the lecture halls numbered X03, X being the floor number.

Among the app’s features is a handy section for you to check your data balance, and another to call and chat with customer care.

If you get a room not close to any of the routers, be prepared to spend a lot of your time out in the corridor or by the staircase. The Wi Fi works fine during the day in the main block.

That’s why this article exists, as a guide to getting the most out of your ION Wi Fi connection, derived from the collective knowledge of the students of Manipal.

Every student who joins an MU college in Manipal gets a monthly renewed Wi Fi account at the beginning of their academic course.

5th – 6th Blocks: The speed is decent at the best; you get a meagre 50kbps on an average during the day and a proper 110kbps during early morning (2 AM – 5 AM).

The main difficulty is the weak connectivity of the routers which leads to disconnection more than often.

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