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And by consciously releasing these inner barriers to love, I became truly available to create a loving, committed, romantic partnership–for the very first time in my adult life.I did this by starting each day with a specific practice that allowed me to continue aligning my consciousness with a future of love fulfilled.That’s when I finally understood there is a huge chasm between longing for love and being truly ready and available to create it.And as I began to take responsibility at a whole new level for my covert attitudes, misguided loyalties, deep-seated ambivalence, faulty beliefs and hidden agendas, I found myself becoming more and more open to love.You will understand how you have been the source of any past disappointing patterns in your intimate relationships in a way that feeds you power to do things differently from now on.

I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that without Calling in The One I would not have had the clarity to manifest such great love in my life.”“Katherine gave me unprecedented access to my own inner workings, providing the tools I needed to clear seemingly unmovable obstacles from my path and showed me how to draw my wonderful husband into my life, as if by magic.

as a result of taking just a brief 49 days to release your old baggage and inner blocks to love so that you can become fully available and magnetic to “The One” for you. Seeing clearly (and releasing) your inner blocks and barriers to having happy, healthy love isn’t something most of us have ever been taught how to do.

So, if you’re ready to discover the subtle ways you have unknowingly been sabotaging your love life for years and let go of them forever—so that you can finally be ready and available to “call in” your perfect match . Yet learning how to identify and release them is actually quite At the end of 49 days, you’ll understand exactly how you have unknowingly been the source of your disappointing experiences with love, and be liberated to create a new happier, healthier and infinitely more satisfying story of love fulfilled.

in relationship, in service and in life.”Rather than the roles-based union of your grandparents, the new paradigm of spiritual partnership is upon us!

Learn what it will require of you to “call in” and create a conscious union that is beyond your wildest imaginings.

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