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Cash values are adjusted so that they equal the death benefit upon maturity.

In the event a person lives to the policy’s maturity date, the policy pays the cash value amount in a lump sum as an endowment to the insured.

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This can have significant tax implication for the insured, though. By contrast, life insurance benefits are not taxable.

The choir regards as an inseparable part of its activity educational endeavours targeting the young generations.

In this context, it has been involved in organizing a Choral Academy for students of singing, a project aimed at enabling young artists to acquire practical skills through work with a professional vocal ensemble; and with focus on young children, running a series of educational concerts and a programme of on-the-spot singing workshops in schools.

Whole life insurance is simply an endowment policy whose maturity date has been extended to 100 or to 121, ages that only a relatively few people will achieve.

In general, premiums are smaller and guaranteed not to change, and are paid for as long as the policy is in effect.

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